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Valentines Afterall

February 15, 2008

When I was leaving my house this morning I found these tulips with cards from a “secret admirer” of Nick and I. I’m jealous of Nick’s card because it has way more detail in it and it makes me feel like an afterthought! Like they just wanted to give me a card so I wouldn’t feel bad! On the other hand mine does have a cut-out heart, strawberry stickers and my slut looks more ladylike than Nicks. Nevermind, mine’s better!

There’s only 1 person I can think of who’d come up with names like Tim “McCutie” or Nick “Bech(heart)” and she’s on a train to Windsor right now, but I don’t know if she has craft supplies so I could be totally off.

Nick and I are stumped. Whoever you are, thankyouuuuuu!

Rock and Roll Astral Projection

February 15, 2008

I stayed in last night and watched Muppets in Space. At one point, after receiving a message from his breakfast cereal, Gonzo goes up on the roof and gets struck by lightning. His consciousness flies off through the universe and is talking to some floating cosmic fish who tell him his fortune before being projected back into his body.

I didn’t realize until last night the similarties between GG Allin and Animal. Which came first? I’m assuming Animal. I wonder if GG found Animal to be a big inspiration?