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Wedding Photos

February 26, 2008

I took over 800 photos for Jaime and Brayden’s wedding, so I’m tired of going through them. This is what I have for now. I will post more on my facebook later.

The girls got their hair done around 11am. They decided to keep it to drinking coffee instead of booze so they wouldn’t lose their minds by the time they got to the 7:00 ceremony.

I went to the DMV to meet Brayden and Dustin getting the plates for the van they’d just bought.

Then to Long and MacQuade to pick up sound equipment.

Evil Dead the Musical and the Jealous Quarrels

February 26, 2008

I went to see Evil Dead the Musical last night with Adrienne and some guys from work. It was funny and definitely worth seeing. The guy who plays Ash looks like Bruce Campbell.

I’ll have some pictures from Brayden and Jaime’s wedding up later tonight or tomorrow.