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Then And Now

February 27, 2008

I took a couple of pictures this weekend that I wanted to match with old pictures from my collection.

The first one is from Wonkavision pictures we took in 1996. Brandon Blanchete was the drummer for most of the shows and recordings we did. I can’t remember the last time I saw him, before Nick and I ran into him as soon as we got into the Loop on Friday night.

The second set starts with a picture of Brayden covered in Cool Whip and cake at my surprise 20th birthday party Stava threw for me in 1998. I think it was Matt Beneteau who got him. I thought it fit well with Jaime starting the cake fight at their wedding on Saturday.

ALF Rocking Out

February 27, 2008

I remember this from when it was on TV. I was a huge ALF fan when I was a kid.

In this episode, ALF writes a song and makes a rock video for Lynn, the daughter in the family to try and win her heart. I love the Stevie Wonder inspired keyboard playing.

(insert name here) thinks he sounds like Iggy Pop. I think my heart and brain would simultaniously explode if I found out it actually was Iggy Pop singing as ALF.

I like the metal version too.

My friend (insert name here) would like the world to know that not only does he think Alf sings like Iggy Pop, but it was he who sent me these links. HAIL (insert name here)!