Justice Party Contest for Toronto Residents

If you live in Toronto, are on the Rogers Wireless network, and want to go to a party that Justice and Busy P are djing with an open bar, enter this contest by texting JUSTICE to 4771. There’s 300 tickets to be won (150 winners of 2 tickets) for a 500 person capacity venue, but nobody ever enters contests, so even though you’ll have to buy a ringtone (whatever they cost, like $2?) chances are you’ll win 2 tickets to this party.

This is for the night after their sold out show at the Docks/Sound Academy.

I only have 8 guestlist spots (count ’em. 8 is not very many! I’ve had 16 roommates in the past 3 years. “Tim, come on! We were roommates!” Not that anyone has used that line yet, just saying) to spread across ALL of my friends and clients, so chances are I can’t get you in. I like you, we’re friends/doing business with you is important to me, but my hands are tied!

Enter today (contest closes tomorrow March 12th at midnight) and you’ll find out if you won tickets on the 14th.

Illustration by Dennis Chow.

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