My First (and only) Tattoo

I got my only tattoo almost exactly 8 years ago. It was either March 10th, or March 16th 2000. I can’t remember which. I wouldn’t say I like my tattoo still but whatever, it doesn’t bother me. It’s just there.

Tim Reid from Internal Expressions Tattoo in Windsor was the star tattoo artist of the city at the time. He was always booked 6 months in advance and charged $100/hour which was a lot of $$ for Windsor at the time. A bunch of my friends started getting work done by him like this one Brad Spencer got, which is a variation on Saint George Slaying The Dragon except it’s an angel instead of Saint George.

This tropical scene that Brayden has is another Tim Reid creation. I helped concept it though!

The trophies behind Brad are all ones that Tim Reid won at tattoo conventions. He would always clean up in the b&w, portrait, and wildlife categories.

He drew my tattoo freehand, which means he didn’t use a pattern. I just told him I didn’t want any black and I wanted it to look as realistic as possible.

I liked Brad’s tattoo so much, I knew I wanted something, but I also didn’t want it to mean anything or be associated with anything. I figured flames were the most meaningless thing possible. They’re not hot-rod flames, they’re not lifted from another piece of art to reference them from, so they can’t be associated with a certain decade. They’re just flames. Meaningless, meaningless flames!

It used to be red, yellow and orange with no black. Over the past 8 years the orange has almost completely faded out so it’s just red and yellow now. I don’t think I’ll ever get it touched up though. Maybe if I wait long enough the whole thing will fade away.

Getting the back of my elbow done felt like I someone was shoving a red-hot fire poker onto my skin and holding it there.

Stava took this picture of me a few days later. You can tell since my arm was still shaved. When I write my version of the Bible/Dianetics/the Koran/Bhagavad Gita and start my sex cult, this will be my official photo. Even if it’s 20 years from now!

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