Fashion Week Opening

It’s L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto! I went to the opening show last night in Nathan Philips Square. I’d never been to a fashion show that big before. I think the last one I went to was in Kensington Market in the summer hosted by car-hater Michael Johnson, that guy that bartends while singing with a band at the Communists Daughter on Saturdays.

I didn’t take any pictures of the show. I was just observing. I should’ve taken pictures of the show. Ooops.

Adrienne was in charge of everything.

The guy on the couch next to Jeanne Beker is Joe Mimran. He started Club Monaco in 1985. The Fashion Show was for this new line of clothes he’s doing for Loblaw’s called Joe Fresh Style. It’s sort of like how H&M does all these low-price point limited edition things with big designers. They had this famous Canadian model Coco Roche in the fashion show.

They interviewed the Misshapes after Joe Mimran. They were there to dj, but by the time they started playing music the place was half empty. It was pretty hard to get in that night and there wasn’t free booze so there wasn’t much chance for a debaucherous dance party.

Good times!

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