Justice Party + Bovine Karaoke with the Cast of Suspect on Queen

Tuesday night was that Justice party I posted about last week.

It was fun! All the usual suspects where there. It was packed out with about 500 people, open bar, and sushi in the VIP.

Look at all these people up in the VIP balcony watching Justice type on their laptops. The dancefloor was fucking packed though.

This video is only 18 seconds long. It’s of everyone going apeshit for Justice!

Bovine Karaoke Wednesdays

I went to the Bovine last night for Karaoke with the former staff of Suspect Video on Queen. The pic on the right is the location where it used to be before it burned down.

Nick worked at Suspect for a year until he was hired at MTV Canada 6 months ago. We used to get free movie rentals until it burnt down. We sang a duet of Mother by Danzig. I do a mean Glenn Danzig impression.

Nobody took any pics or video of me and Nick singing, but I did get this video of Daniel, who was the manager at Suspect singing Ace of Spades.

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