The Tipping Point

I woke up this morning to Brayden calling me to come to my backyard and see what his dog Putty had gotten into. We spend the next half hour cutting burrs out of his fur, but Brayden is bringing him to a dog hair cutter tomorrow.

I went to see Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Gopnik debate about Canadian culture with Alex and her dad.

It was billed as a debate but it seemed more of just a promotional tour for the speakers and Macleans Magazine. The topic is so vague it allowed them to just tell anecdotes and jokes involving Canada, and then tried to relate it to them being really successful authors and journalists who live in NYC but were born and raised Canadian. It was good times though, they kept the pace up pretty well, and they said a few thought provoking things. I’d say it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Malcolm Gladwell looks like a cross between Derrick Beckles and my Grandma on my moms side of the family.

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