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Tasman Vs Kentaro Vs Blue Jays Vs Athletics

April 10, 2008

On Tuesday night Adrienne, Alex and I went to see Tasman’s new project that he collaborated on with Kentaro Taki from Toyko. They both recorded 24 hours of television and then edited it down into sections which they co-ordinated together.

Tasman had just spent the previous 2 weeks in Tokyo figuring out how they were going to piece the project together. This was Kentaro’s first time in Canada. He runs a gallery in Tokyo.

Tasman’s and Kentaro’s footage were simultaneously projected side by side with Canadian footage on the left, Japanese on the right. (Pirated screenshots courtesy of Tasman and Kentaro.)

The 20 minute show started with news footage, announcers reading headlines, then moved to weather, then soap operas, violence, then strobed stuttering images taken from commercials, but grouped into colors. So first they’d both be showing a steady collage of screenshots from red commercials, then orange, then blue, etc… Then they started being broken down into beats, and were rhythmically working together.

I thought the show was great, and a step forward for Tasman in context with the rest of his body of work. It was a one time show, so if you didn’t go, you missed out.

The Joseph Workman Theatre is located in the local nuthouse CAMH. Adrienne was not impressed that I wanted to photograph her in front of it.

Last night I went to see the Blue Jays vs the Athletics with Stephanie Hynes and some of her coworkers.

Jays lost

Pigeon Crack

April 10, 2008

Some dudes took pictures of their ass cracks on my camera when I wasn’t looking yesterday.