San Francisco!

Hey San Francisco friends! RSVP for this party if you want to get drunk for free. Thunderheist are from Toronto and Montreal. I don’t know how a girl and a guy with a laptop can be such a great show live, but they do it. They’re one of my top 3 live acts from Toronto. Maybe even my favorite.


I have a funny story involving Isis, the singer/rapper for Thunderheist which happened the night these pics were taken.

Last year a group of us were coming back to my place from the bar at 2am and were being really loud walking down the street. A block from my house this guy and his girlfriend were sitting in a car and he rolls down his window and yells something at us. Isis ran up to him and started yelling and jumping around, but honestly, even though she’s black she’s not a threatening looking person and she was just joking around. So the guy jumps out of his car goes back to his trunk and grabs a baseball bat.

He’s standing there holding up this bat, and she says “you’re joking right? you’ve gotta be joking!” but not really sure that he’s joking or what he’s going to do. So I run at him and grab the bat in the middle and push him back against a fence and start throwing him back and forth smashing him into the fence yelling “You’d better be joking! WHAT THE FUCK! YOU’D BETTER BE JOKING OR I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!!”

The guy was holding onto the bat for dear life and looked really scared as I’m smashing him back and forth over and over again into the fence until Jon and everyone else that was with us pulled me off him. We told him to fuck off and made sure he wasn’t going to attack us again and then ran away laughing and smoked weed at my house.

In retrospect I think he thought we’d just run away and he’d look tough in front of his girlfriend, but come on, pulling a bat on a group of 8 people? Puhleeeeeeeeese.

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