YES Coexistence, NO Violence

I went to see Dark Meat at Lee’s Palace last night with Adrienne, Alex, Nick, Nathan, Joel, Brayden, Jaime, Dustin, Courtney, Steve, Jon, Alen and Alen’s friend Steve. I think everyone except for Alex, Adrienne and Jon liked it. I thought they put on a really fun show.

I introduced myself to the singer Jim after the show and bought him a beer. We talked about communal living and he told me about Orange Twin the label and community they’re involved with down in Athens, Georgia, which I’d never heard of before.

I told him I’d like to go on tour with them for a week sometime. I think it’d be a really crazy experience and he seemed into it. When Adrienne came over he seemed REALLY into her and completely stopped looking at me and gave her the creepy perv-eye stare for the entire time she was talking to us. Geez guy, I know you’re into free love and all but I just bought you a beer, you could tone down undressing my girl with your eyes right in front of me, you know, looking back at me every once in awhile, at least pretending you’re still interested in what I’m talking about. I grew up religious and I lived in a commune before too, I know allllll about psychedelics and mind control, so nice try, but really, come on.

That said, I’d still like to go on tour with them for a week.

They’re playing a free show tonight in Montreal at Zoo Bizarre! If you live in Montreal you should go.

Some of us went to the Green Room after and I had a ham and cheese sandwich.

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