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Grandpas Cars

June 6, 2008

My grandfather grew up working as a car mechanic and opened his first garage in Burlington ON in the 50’s. He finally retired in the late 80’s. Burlington Auto Electric was one of the shops he owned.

He died a year and a half ago after living with Parkinsons for a decade. At my Grandma’s 80th birthday in February she was giving a bunch of his stuff away to the family. I came late so I had to pick from what was left and these model cars were in that lot. Obviously, collecting runs in my family.

I love the Avon bottle cars. Of all the cars in this post, I’m only keeping the 4 above.

I have a couple other Avon ones but they’re not bottles.

This Rolls Royce model is a radio. I’m trading it to James Mejia for the new Wintersleep vinyl he’s putting out.

I’m getting rid of these 4 cars above. Adrienne might give them to one of her uncles.