“Sloan Played at HMV in our area…”

We finally got the zines 100% finished with download cards glued in, stapled and hand numbered last night. They’ll be for sale at the Dine Alone Records NXNE Showcase tonight at the El Mocambo

I thought it was going to take like 4 hours but only ended up taking us a half hour to do them all so I decided to go see Sloan at the Mod Club. I got free white Chuck Taylors there!

Sloan played in Windsor a bunch of times in the mid-90’s. One of my usual growing-up-in-Windsor rants is that it’s the one city in Canada where there’s no Can-Con regulations for radio (true! Look it up) and it’s so close to Detroit, which are 2 factors that contributed to no bands ever coming to play in Windsor when I was growing up. But Sloan did! Erics Trip played there a couple times too. I hated Sloan in highschool, but I don’t know why. They’re not a bad band.

I went to Nathan’s after to meet up with everyone before we went to the Horseshoe to see Flash Lightning.

We went to the Bovine at 2am and got snuck in the back door to see Monotonix! They’re from Tel Aviv, Israel and they’re FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!!! This video isn’t the best quality but holy FUUUUUUUUUCK they are the best. They last minute of the video is the best part.

They’re playing again Saturday at Sneaky Dees. I think they’re playing at midnight but not 100% sure.

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