NXNE / MMVA’s weekend 2008

Songs From A Room played the Dine Alone / Bedlam showcase at the El Mocambo on Friday night. It was really fun.

I was laughing as I was watching Brant Bjork because I couldn’t believe how awesome he was. “AHHAHAHAHHAHA!!! THIS GUY FUCKING RULES SO MUCH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!” Great vibes the whole night.

I went to the Rockstar Hotel thing with Adrienne around midnight on Saturday. Everyone I knew there had a VIP wristband and all I got was the shitty yellow one where they won’t let you upstairs and you don’t get free shoes. Thunderheist played downstairs and I got some free drinks. But still. THE 100 PEOPLE I KNEW THERE ALL GOT VIP AND I DIDN’T. WAHHHHHH! I heard it sucked upstairs anyways. What I’m really pissed about though is the list girl told me she didn’t know what VICE was and said I didn’t have a camera. I had even RSVPed as media! When I pulled it out of my back pocket she totally gave my camera cut-eye. Oh NO you did not just give my camera cut-eye!

Oh well, Adrienne and I split after and went to a better party and had an amazing night, stayed up until 8am listening to people sing songs and play guitar in Andrew and Tara’s backyard and I was happy again. It was the highlight of a really fun weekend.

I went to the MMVA’s last night. I tried to take red carpet pictures.

I didn’t know who any of them were except for Flo Rida and Hello Operator, and then there was a torrential downpour and I didn’t want to ruin my camera so I went inside.

I would’ve gotten pictures of Kardinal with Akon and Simple Plan, Rhianna, and the New Kids on the Block performances but the press area was overpacked and the security guard wouldn’t let me up on the photo riser even though there was nobody on it and I had a photo pass so I could only get photos of the backs of people’s heads. I just went upstairs to drink.

Priya brought these NKOTB slippers to get autographed. Alex met the guy who started Family Guy. I went to the Revolver Party with the Fashion Television crew after and they videotaped people being fitted with Gafas sunglasses. Whew. THE END.

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