My Winnipeg

Adrienne and I went to see my fellow G.Love Magazine contributor Guy Maddin’s new movie My Winnipeg last night. It was a sold out, one-night-only show. It’s a half documentary, half fictional story about his home-for-life Winnipeg and his childhood. I could relate to his descriptions of Winnipeg as a city, its history and it’s connection to his personal experiences from the way I feel about Windsor. A big difference though is that he stayed in Winnipeg and still became an internationally acclaimed independent film director, and I got the fuck out of Windsor, and I have a livejournal that some people read.

View the trailer here.

He narrated the entire movie live, and did a really great job. Very compelling and funny.


Jon shaved off his mustache at work today. He didn’t even lose a bet or anything. He just did it. That’s what I like about Jon. He’s a man of action!

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