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If I’m Me Today, Must I Tomorrow

June 21, 2008

Adrienne and I went to see If I’m Me Today, Must I Tomorrow, a play by Alex Wolfson at Gallery TPW on Ossington yesterday evening after work.

We both enjoyed the show a lot. The costumes, set design, and lighting were great, the music was so good I asked Matt Smith who’d written all the original music if I can get the songs from him. I’m no theatre expert so maybe I’m not getting the reference point, but I had a hard time with was the actors lines all delivered in a almost breathy monotone, or in a booming ominous voice over the loudspeaker. 2 hours is a long time to listen to that without much break in the flow. I could’ve used a few more laughs, but the show only seated about 50 people, ran 3 nights and was sold out every night, so we were lucky to get in and I don’t want to sound like a complainer here.

After the play we met up with Nick and went to Loving In the Name Of at the Canadian Legion.

Here’s Sebastien Grainger singing Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark with the Courtney Cox’s Dance Crew up front.

It was a happy time as usual.

We had some people over to the house after for drinks. I was talking to someone (it might’ve been Adrienne’s friend Kelly, but I can’t remember for sure because I was blindly drunk) about puppets and stuffed animals we had as kids and she somehow guessed that I had the Animal puppet. When I was 10 years old my mom gave it away to someone without asking me, and I complained about it for the next 8 years until she finally asked for it back from them.

This picture of me with Animal is from 1980 on the floor in Temple Baptist Church in Sarnia, ON. The picture hangs on the wall in my bedroom. It’s funny that I have the same expression holding Animal as I do in my True Love Waits head hologram crystal.