St Johns Day 1

Adrienne and I flew into St Johns, Newfoundland last night, landing around midnight. We had a cab take us to our hotel and then went downtown.

We found a bar called CBTG’s that had some local bands playing, and the 2nd band Be All Right were surprisingly great. It figures we’d meet up with the only guy in town wearing a Scratch Acid shirt within an hour of getting here. They were jokey with a lot of showmanship and sound like everything I like about 90’s rock, throwing in surprising bridges and offbeat parts every minute or 2 that didn’t get old or predictable even 4 or 5 songs into the set. The entire 40 minute set was great.

Steve, the singer/guitar player for the band, invited us to a party at his place after the show where we had some beers and listened to Gang of Four records.

We got back to the hotel at 4am. We got up at 10 and ate the continental breakfast served on the pool table, checked out and went to the hotel we’re staying for the rest of the time here. We bummed around downtown St Johns for the rest of the afternoon, checking out antique and record stores. We’re renting a car tomorrow and seeing what else we can see.

Here’s Steve playing on the bar.

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