Rotate This

I got back from St John’s yesterday morning at 10am. I was planning to go to the Gay Pride Parade on Yonge street but was feeling tired and had a sore throat from flying so decided to stay home and watch the new Cannibal Corpse 3 dvd set – Centuries of Torment with Brayden and Craig. The documentaries on the first disc are funny and totally worth watching. I haven’t watched the other 2 discs yet.

Craig and I went to Rotate’s old location after to sift through the free records and cds they were giving away and got a bunch of great stuff like Damien Jurado – On My Way To Absence on vinyl, and at least 10 cds from the label Frank Kozik used to run Man’s Ruin Records.

I went to Alex’s place for a little dinner party and we all burned our eyes out with caffeine menthol eye-drops.

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