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Biking on Dundas

July 31, 2008

This video has no climax, so if you’re waiting for one, don’t wait.

Birds Of A Feather

July 31, 2008

I’m featured in this Street Carnage post that my lovely lady Adrienne shot at her apartment last week. D. Eric Beckles plays a 2nd grade teacher conducting the kids in a rendition of Rough Trade’s Birds Of A Feather while I play a mute retard observing his hi-energy hijinx.

Film Fort

July 30, 2008

We went to the Film Fort last night. There were shorts from a bunch of Toronto people and Hooliganship from Portland and Deco Dawson from Winnipeg.

We all really liked Hooliganship, but there was a 10 minute intermission before they showed the Deco Dawson stuff, which turned into a 30 minute intermission so we got bored and went to get soup before the DD stuff was screened.

Somehow I forgot to bring my keys to work this morning. It was raining and I was the first one there. I couldn’t even lock my bike up to find shelter since I didn’t have the key to my lock.

Here’s another view of my desk. I put a big smile on for all of you.

Bizarre Phenomena

July 29, 2008

Last night around 3am, Adrienne woke up crying and freaking out. It took a couple of minutes for her to stop crying, enough to tell me she had a nightmare, that the poodle her family used to have when she was growing up died in her arms. The dog didn’t actually die that way, and she’d never talked in her sleep or woken up like that from a bad dream as far as I know. It struck me as a pretty over-the-top reaction to a dream, but sleep is a vulnerable time so whatever, right?

After she’d been crying for a minute or two, she started laughing as hard as she’d been crying, and said that the dog had been driving a 1930’s Rolls Royce convertible before he died, that he’d driven through the front window of her parents house. Stupid dog! She was laughing so hard and acting hysterical that I thought she must still be asleep.

In the morning, she got up a few minutes before I did and said goodbye around 9:30am, but came back in my room 2 minutes later to tell me my new roommate Jill’s giant pet rabbit had died in the night. Jill heard a crash upstairs in her room yesterday evening and went up to find Dustin’s dog Doug in the cage, eating the rabbit’s food, with the rabbit laying on its side playing dead, breathing really heavy. He didn’t have any marks on him though and seemed fine when Jill went to bed last night. He was dead when she got up in the morning. I called the Humane Society and Toronto Animal Services to find out where to drop off the body. I think Adrienne might be possessed by the spirit of the bunny now.

Sorry bunny. I feel very bad about the whole thing.

Hillside 08

July 28, 2008

I went to Hillside Festival in Guelph yesterday with Adrienne and Kate.

There’s no corporate sponsors, most of the people who work there are volunteers, and the security people were really friendly and relaxed. The vibe reminded me a lot of Cornerstone except there’s no Christian insanity at Hillside.

The Sky is the Limit

July 25, 2008

I grabbed this from the 7-11 at the end of my street. Reach for the top!