Frustrated Pairs

Last night Brayden and I went to see Lee “Scratch” Perry at Harbourfront Center. He was wearing a hat with smoke coming out of it. It was an awesome show.

I just got this from Wikipedia “In 2006, Perry met “king of party music” and television personality, Andrew W.K. at SXSW, forging a friendship bolstered by mutual artistic appreciation. In 2007, Perry invited Andrew W.K. to co-produce his upcoming full-length album, “Repentance”. The album is to be released on the 19th of August 2008, on Narnack Records and will feature several guest artists including renowned electronic musician and producer Moby, seminal producer Don Fleming, drummer Brian Chippendale of staccato noise duo Lightning Bolt, bassist Josh Werner of Matisyahu, and adult entertainer Sasha Grey.”

As we were leaving some girl stopped Brayden and was asking about Nick and if we’re all still living together, saying she’s going to come visit soon but neither of us had the vaguest idea of who she was. Even this afternoon neither of us can figure out who she was and I don’t know if I should feel bad or not, because I think she could tell we didn’t remember her but she also didn’t come out and say “guys! It’s Brenda!”.

We went to pick up some groceries for Adrienne because she’s sick and after we found canned pineapple and chicken noodle soup, we were yelling across the store to the guy who owned the place, asking if he had any Oatmeal. After we asked 3 or 4 times and he still couldn’t understand he said “Opium?” and I wanted to yell YES!!!! but his co-worker told him we were just looking for oatmeal and then we all had a laugh but I couldn’t help but wonder if he really did have some opium to sell.

I did a photoshoot today with Penny and Bruce for Dave Stephan’s dad’s Chemistry Journal. The theme is “frustrated pairs”. I’m sure his dad will be happy because everyone loves cute puppies.

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