Happy Birthday to Deirdre

I took this picture of Adrienne last week. I don’t think she likes it but I think she looks like a babe.

It was Deirdre’s birthday on Friday! Finch brought green sausages. I had a piece, and they were good.

Nick gave Deirdre a pet pinata for her birthday gift.

I sat around all day with Beckles and Adrienne in her back yard.

Here’s the 12 MTV2 bumpers (in one youtube movie) that Nick Bechard wrote shot and edited over the past couple weeks. The first one stars ME, our house, Brayden and Dustin’s Tesla van, and some girls in bikini’s with animal heads on. It’s only 15 seconds long so you have no excuse not to watch it, other than you don’t care, and if you don’t care why are you reading this?

And this is Adrienne’s Murder Shed 4 faux-trailer she made out of our weekend at (insert name here)’s cottage. Music by The Man Who Was Thursday and the Secret Band.

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