Toronto Comic Jam

I went to see the 400 Blows at the Bloor Cinema after work. I first saw it in a film class at U of Windsor about 6 years ago. There’s nothing like reminding yourself how painful and shitty childhood can be.

I stopped at home, then went to the torontocomicjam at the Cameron House for the first time. A blank piece of paper is provided and someone takes it and starts the initial drawing. Each panel that follows comes from a different participant – this continues until someone decides that the page is complete and the sheet is then put up on the wall and possibly included in the monthly Jam book.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was surprised that on the whole, everyone was so good. I drew 3 panels and people drew responses to 2 of them while I was there so that made me feel like I have something to contribute and I’m not just fucking it all up. I’d like to go again next month, but I need to draw a lot in between. Even though it’s a friendly and non-competitive environment, I want to bring my A-game to keep up.

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