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Polaris Awards – Caribou Wins!!!!

September 30, 2008

Adrienne stayed home last night binding books for my show for me tomorrow. Best Girlfriend Ever!!

I went to the 3rd Annual Polaris Awards last night at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. 10 Canadian bands are nominated, they all play a couple of songs, and at the end a jury selects one band to win the prize of $20,000. The award is based on each bands most recent album, not their performance that night.

I started shooting a short video with Brian from Holy Fuck on Sunday afternoon that I finished today. It’s a new direction for me to head in since I usually only make videos out of spontaneous footage. It would’ve been good for the storyline of my video if Holy Fuck had won the prize, especially since they were singled out in August, as one of the main reasons an arts grant program was shut down by the Canadian government because they have the word “fuck” in their name. They got $3000 out of a $4.7 million program 2 years ago!

I left the awards show with 3 beers hidden in my sleeve. We’re entering a recession, I have to stockpile! I went to the afterparty at the Drake after and it was fun!

I got up at 8:15 again today for my second run with Nic K. I am very impressed with myself.

Shanae what they say

September 29, 2008

It seems strange to me that a few months back Adrienne would post about her intern Shanae from time to time and now I see her when I log into my hotmail in the morning.


September 28, 2008

I need to rent that Peter Bogdanovich movie Mask that Cher starred in soon. I haven’t seen it since I was 10.

I’ve had more than one person tell me those masks I bought last week are racist, but I don’t see how. They’re not Caucasian masks, but I don’t see how that can be considered racist on any level. It’s all about the EYES!

What, Me Worry?

September 28, 2008

I don’t know if these are running in other magazines, but Matador ran their first Profile in this series that I was aware of with Damien from Fucked Up in the US edition of VICE’s July Photo issue this year.

They’re running another one this month on Jay Reatard, who’s playing an exclusive Fred Perry show this Thursday here in Toronto. Hopefully he doesn’t want to punch me if he finds out I shot that video last time he was here. You knew I couldn’t resist bringing it up right? So don’t bother calling me on it.

They’re the same type of thing I did with my profiles that I’m showing at *Hotshot this Wednesday. I’d tried to get another client of mine to do ads like this 3 years ago but they didn’t get the idea so it never happened. Bummmerrrrr.

Matador has always had great videos. The What’s Up Matador collection they put out in the mid-90’s is presented as a children’s show with comedy sketches in between each of the videos. And they actually pull it off. It’s one of my all time favorite music-video collections.

One of the guys who directed a lot of videos for Matador during that era put out this book in the late 90’s called You Stand There about making indie music videos. I can’t remember which of the 2 authors listed it was, between David Kleiler and Robert Moses. Anyways, it’s a great book since he uses all these Touch and Go and Matador bands videos he directed as examples of how things get done. The one distinct thing I remember him writing, was that the difference between a $5000 video and a $15,000 video is that in the $15,000 video the people who work on it get paid. On a $5000 video, your crew doesn’t get paid.

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style is one of my favorite Matador videos from that era.

You Made Me Realize

September 26, 2008

I went to see My Bloody Valentine last night at the Kool Haus, but I almost feel like the show started the night before with Genghis Tron as the opening band at Lee’s Palace. I’d never heard them before, but the singer Mookie is a friend of Beckles so we figured why not. Adrienne and I walked in just as they were starting. I saw the lights, heard about 5 seconds of music and thought “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”. It’s probably blasphemy to make such a comparison but halfway through the show it made me wish I’d had a chance to see Neurosis by now. I haven’t, so what do I know?

I haven’t been thinking about it much lately, but there was a few month period last year where just about every band I saw I’d think “I wish they had crazy light show to go along with this.” My wishes are coming true, lighting ideas are popping out everywhere! Genghis Tron has such a fucking awesome midi-controlled set up. It looks like it’s relatively cheap, light, compact and is really effective in setting the mood. More bands should be doing stuff like this.

We saw this skunk on the way home. I wouldn’t want to get sprayed by a skunk, but I don’t mind the smell. It always reminds me of a scratch and sniff skunk sticker I had when I was a kid. It’s not a special sticker I’m obsessed with, I just remember it. My cousin Angela and her husband Darren had a pet skunk about 10 years ago. They caught it with a skunk trap when it was a baby, and my uncle (who used to be a Veterinarian, but gave it up after a few years to become a pastor) took out the stink sack thing and it made a nice friendly pet for about 5 years. I guess skunks don’t live that long. It looks like this skunk was eating a squirrel. It was dark and I didn’t get close enough to see it clearly.

I got up the next morning at 8am and went for a 20 minute run with Nic Kazamia.

Leslie Williams and Adrienne and I cabbed to the MBV show last night together. I wasn’t even planning on going until a couple days before when Adrienne surprised me with tickets. As soon as they started my mind went blank and I realized how much their songs are embedded into my head. When I was 15 and barely knew what sound each kind of guitar pedal makes I’d listen to Loveless and be so confused about what was going on and how they made such a swirling wall of noise. I’m still confused.

When we came in there were people at the door handing out earplugs. I had them in for the first few songs but it didn’t seem that loud when I took them out. I was just swaying in relaxed happiness. Fuck, they are so good. After they’d played a bunch of songs they went into a 20 minute noise and light freakout and I had to put the plugs back in. I spent half the time with my eyes closed, mostly sober, but still watching fractals in different colors pulse around. This is exactly what the Dreamachine is about. Different patterns of light projected onto your eyelids, preferably with noise or free jazz like Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew playing in the background putting you into a trance state. Maybe that sounds retarded but I don’t care I like it. I could be a placebo effect but I find those kinds of experiences and moments give me a lot of ideas and make me more creative.

I can’t even say one part of the show was better than the other. It was just Awesome + Awesome = FANTASTIC!

Everyone likes pictures of pretty girls.

The Devil Made Me Do It

September 24, 2008

I sewed a patch onto my old Tooth and Nail Dickies jacket last night.

I went to see the Waking Eyes after at Supermarket. I was surprised how much I liked them. I’ve only listened to the album once so far and it sounded somewhat generically Beach Boys-y on first listen, but live they really pulled it off. I will go so far as to say they were great!

The only thing I didn’t like was the bass players silk scarf.


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