Birthday Bonfire

Adrienne, Nick and I went up to the Boothman’s farm for Greg’s birthday on Saturday evening. Best labour day weekend EVER!!!!!

We spent Sunday by the pool, playing badminton, bbqed some steaks for a late dinner and went to bed early.

Monday morning Kate’s dad made us blueberry pancakes, her mom gave us a worm farming demonstration and then we drove back to the city.

Brayden on the other hand was run over by a Sea-doo traveling at 110km/hr while in Amhurstberg at 1:30am on Sunday night. His pelvis and thigh are shattered so I don’t think Songs From A Room will be playing their scheduled slot at V-Fest this Sunday.

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  1. Wilderness Kids « Says:

    […] that evening, which was the last of 3 sold out nights in a row for them. Cuff the Duke opened. Greg Keelor was strolling around the dressing rooms for a half hour before Blue Rodeo went on, warming up […]

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