Crystal Castles VICE CK One Party

We threw a party with CK One, Dose and Yamaha last night at Hart House. Crystal Castles played and Juan MacLean djed. It was a pretty crazy party. It is probably the biggest party we’ve ever thrown in Toronto.

saraha posted a video of the bonfire of CK one bottles that happened outside after the party.

Edit: The 20 second video I put up isn’t available now because Future Primitive Mgmt sent a copyright infringement takedown notice to youtube. I’m no lawyer, but I suspect the video should fall under “fair use”, especially in the context. It’s not worth it to me to pursue it further than this rant, because I don’t give a fuck about Crystal Castles beyond them being from Toronto and performing at our party (I only heard their album for the first time last week), but it irks me in principle.

I love youtube, and their policies in place to protect themselves. Considering it’s a free service I can’t complain about them, but considering Crystal Castles have no problems stealing other people’s artwork, and using uncredited samples, (nevermind the fact we just paid them a bunch of money to play. I’m assuming it wasn’t in the contract), it’s bullshit that this is the only one out of 102 videos I’ve posted in the past year that I’ve gotten a copyright infringement takedown notice for.

Edit: Monday Oct 5th 2009 Just to be clear, I like Crystal Castles and separately, I like Future Primative Mgmt and have nothing but the most positive of feelings towards either. No beefs to be found here.

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  1. Nuit Blanche « Says:

    […] about the zine at his site We first met up and committed to doing the project on Sept 5th last 2008 (I only remember the date because of the big party VICE threw that […]

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