No Dynamics

I’m very busy trying to bring some projects into reality in the near future.

Brayden came come from the hospital in Windsor on Thursday. If you haven’t been reading he got hit by a Sea-doo a couple of weeks ago and broke his body. This is what he’ll be doing for the next 6 weeks.

You can send him get well soon letters, photos and gifts to:

Brayden Jones
159 Manning Ave
Toronto ON
M6J 2K6

A bunch of us went to see No Dynamics last show on Friday night at the Boat.

Adrienne yelled in a band that Vanessa played drums for a few years ago called Death Parade.

Vanessa also sang in No Dynamics, and when it started taking up more time she stopped playing drums and Death Parade was no more.

Now Vanessa is in Lioness with Jeff and Ronnie, and No Dynamics is no more.

Jon, Jeff and I all like bands that start with the letter “C”.

Jon and I are putting on an art show on Wednesday, October 1st at *Hotshot in Kensington. It’s a book release and showcase of my permanent.record profiles, and paintings by Jeff Clarke from Demons Claws (not to be confused with Jeff Sheven, who’s above with Jon and I). If you didn’t see it last year when it first aired, here’s Jon interviewing Demons Claws on

I dropped my camera on Friday night because I was really drunk and I thought it was broken, but I took pictures of these kids outside the Scientology building and Adrienne holding this mushroom on Saturday so I guess it’s not. Hooray!!!

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