Tears of Clowns Fall Fashion

I finally met Erin aka splitxends last night after 7 years of livejournal friendship! She was in Toronto from Boston for just one night!

I went to Adrienne’s after, ate some celery with Frank’s Red Hot and watched Mr Lonely.

I have to point out what a fashion clairvoyant Adrienne is. The article she wrote for my Songs From A Room Zine that I finished on June 11th was about Clown Fashion.

This months VICE has Clowns on the cover and some interviews and pictorial inside by Roe Ethridge. It’s a completely different angle and story, and I had nothing to do with the VICE thing, but I am still proud to have the storm a-brewin’ in my Songs From A Room Zine at the beginning of June.


I scanned this picture from a book I picked up at Salvation Army yesterday. I think I’m going to make a t-shirt with this on it.

I’m doing a caption contest for what I should put on the back of the shirt. Submit your entries in the comments section.

So far, my favorite is “Lehman Brothers 2008”

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