Family Reunion

Adrienne and I went to see Jubal Brown’s new project Total War on Friday. We both thought it was great. We saw Jubal outside after and he thanked us for coming but asked if I had anything negative to say. I think he was joking but I felt like such an ass-kisser. I couldn’t think of anything I didn’t like about it.

On the bike ride home Adrienne accidentally knocked me off my bike and I flew into a street-lamp, hitting it with my shoulder and the back of my neck. Don’t worry I’m okay.

I went to see Grasshopper play. I was stoked to see him play with Tara White and Justin Peroff as his band. It just seemed like a weird but great combination of people to play together.

We had a party at the house later and Nick burnt his thumb setting off firecrackers.

On Saturday I went for lunch at Musa with Adrienne, my sister Kathleen, her husband Jeremy and my niece Josie. They live in Indianapolis and were on their way to a cottage just outside Ottawa.

This bookstore in Kensington has a Dreamachine, which I’m naming my dream zine after. The holes are cut wrong but it probably doesn’t matter.

We saw these masks in Courage My Love. I stood looking at them for about 15 minutes because I thought they were so beautiful/insane but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money. I went back on Sunday and bought 2. The owner said they’re religious theatre masks from Bali.

We sat in the park for awhile and this girl was standing there with her guitar looking like she wanted some attention. We kept staring at her so eventually she came over and said hi. It seemed like she was like 15 or 16, but for all I know she could’ve been 20. She played us a couple of songs she wrote and they were actually good, and then she ran after her friends because they left. It was really cute, and I’m not being a perv.

Nick’s brother Ryan came up from Windsor with his wife too. It was quite the family reunion weekend at our house.

We went to Brayden’s for Nathans 25th birthday party on Saturday night.

Adrienne and I biked over to Extermination Music Night around midnight. It got shut down by the cops around 2am but I didn’t really feel like being there anyways.

Other than buying those masks and doing the dishes I didn’t do much on Sunday.

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