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Jeff Clarke from Demons Claws and I are doing an artshow at *Hotshot in Kensington Market next Wednesday.

He’s selling his paintings and I’m selling a limited edition book of my profiles I collected in 2003-2004, and displaying the collection of 500 original profiles.

Jeff Clarke was raised Mormon in the town of Leavitt Alberta. Driven from the province by the Mormon community for drinking Coca Cola and having sex with the wives of other members of the church, he settled in Montreal in 2001 and began painting out of a need to purge himself of the guilt of having been ostracized from his religion. This will be his third showing of his paintings which have been described by others as the product of a borderline retard who’s none the less making an effort. He sings and plays guitar in the band Demons Claws.


Tim McCready is a Toronto based photographer, collector and personality. He has lived in the same house since moving to Toronto in January 2005, and has gone through 24 roommates in that time. Permanent.record is his paper social networking site, featuring over 500 handwritten profiles he collected throughout Windsor ON and Detroit MI in 2003 and while doing theatre production for Princess Cruises in the Caribbean and Alaska in 2004. He spends his days as the Production Manager for VICE Magazine and documents his life and obsessions at .

His paintings will range in price from $125 to $300

The book will be 100 full color pages. 10 Hardcover copies will be available there for $100 each. I’ll be doing preorders for softcover versions that will go for $60.

Here’s a clip of Jeff and his band Demon’s Claws playing at an elementary school in Germany after a night dancing naked around a campfire high on acid back in May while they were on tour with King Khan.

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  1. Minor Treat | Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] I think that might’ve been the night that caused him to give up drinking? Jeff and I had an art show together back in 2008, at which neither of us sold anything. Maybe Jeff can bring some of those unsold paintings to sell […]

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