What, Me Worry?

I don’t know if these are running in other magazines, but Matador ran their first Profile in this series that I was aware of with Damien from Fucked Up in the US edition of VICE’s July Photo issue this year.

They’re running another one this month on Jay Reatard, who’s playing an exclusive Fred Perry show this Thursday here in Toronto. Hopefully he doesn’t want to punch me if he finds out I shot that video last time he was here. You knew I couldn’t resist bringing it up right? So don’t bother calling me on it.

They’re the same type of thing I did with my profiles that I’m showing at *Hotshot this Wednesday. I’d tried to get another client of mine to do ads like this 3 years ago but they didn’t get the idea so it never happened. Bummmerrrrr.

Matador has always had great videos. The What’s Up Matador collection they put out in the mid-90’s is presented as a children’s show with comedy sketches in between each of the videos. And they actually pull it off. It’s one of my all time favorite music-video collections.

One of the guys who directed a lot of videos for Matador during that era put out this book in the late 90’s called You Stand There about making indie music videos. I can’t remember which of the 2 authors listed it was, between David Kleiler and Robert Moses. Anyways, it’s a great book since he uses all these Touch and Go and Matador bands videos he directed as examples of how things get done. The one distinct thing I remember him writing, was that the difference between a $5000 video and a $15,000 video is that in the $15,000 video the people who work on it get paid. On a $5000 video, your crew doesn’t get paid.

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style is one of my favorite Matador videos from that era.

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