Polaris Awards – Caribou Wins!!!!

Adrienne stayed home last night binding books for my show for me tomorrow. Best Girlfriend Ever!!

I went to the 3rd Annual Polaris Awards last night at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. 10 Canadian bands are nominated, they all play a couple of songs, and at the end a jury selects one band to win the prize of $20,000. The award is based on each bands most recent album, not their performance that night.

I started shooting a short video with Brian from Holy Fuck on Sunday afternoon that I finished today. It’s a new direction for me to head in since I usually only make videos out of spontaneous footage. It would’ve been good for the storyline of my video if Holy Fuck had won the prize, especially since they were singled out in August, as one of the main reasons an arts grant program was shut down by the Canadian government because they have the word “fuck” in their name. They got $3000 out of a $4.7 million program 2 years ago!

I left the awards show with 3 beers hidden in my sleeve. We’re entering a recession, I have to stockpile! I went to the afterparty at the Drake after and it was fun!

I got up at 8:15 again today for my second run with Nic K. I am very impressed with myself.

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