A Passion For Forts

I’ve always loved building forts. I still love building forts! I’m turning 30 on Sunday and my house is basically a giant fort to hold my collections and my bed is on stilts.

This is in front of my parents house when I was 7 or 8. Snow doesn’t usually get icy like this in Windsor, and I can still remember that it was a unique day to be able to cut out these big sheets of ice off the top of the snow by carefully stomping around with my boots.

I built this fort with the 3 Bernie brothers from Hamilton Matt, Jon and Steve at Woodland resort up in Port Loring ON. We used to spend hours and hours in the bush over the 3 weeks I’d spend up there every summer building forts like this.

My dad and I started building this treehouse during the summer of 1989. It used to just be that blue and white part on the left side of the picture. We took a couple years off then added a porch, then a year after we added the top floor which had shingles on the roof and an extension cord running up from the house to power the electrical outlets and light we wired in. I had a lot of good clean sleepover fun up there over the years. I even slept up there in the winter a few times.

When we moved houses at the end of 1997, part of the condition of sale was removing the tree house. We had to dismantle it and it was a sad day.

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