The last temptation of Tim

We went out for a nice dinner and karaoke for Ryan Archibald’s 30th birthday last night! It was fun.

Tonight is my birthday celebration! I turn 30 at midnight! I actually turn 30 at 2am but who’s counting?

This is how I feel today, I’m trying to pull it together for tonight. It’s going to be a long one.

I was looking at my post from yesterday, with the covers of Total Recall and They Live and it reminded me of this Songs From A Room ep with Erin Gilmore’s eye on it from late 2005. All 5 members of SFAR officially and literally “signed” a contract with Dine Alone Records this afternoon. Congratulations guys, you’ve worked hard for it.

The only specific goal I set for myself in my early 20’s where I said “I want to do this before I’m 30” that I totally failed at is reading the entire Great Books Of The Western World collection. I bought them at Riverside Library when I was 19, 51 books of the 54 volume set for $17, which is all the money I had my wallet at the time. The only books I’ve read in that set from cover to cover are Homer, Dante, and the Great Conversation, so I’m not even close.

The Great Conversation is an introductory book to the set, putting forth the idea that human culture and knowledge is a conversation, and that the authors in this set form the basis for western civilization. Every once in awhile, sometimes centuries apart, somebody comes along and says “BOOM!” and lays down a heavy trip that nobody can deny and it changes the way we live and think. I think of pop culture as being a little conversation within itself. Each new fad and cultural movement or trend is a reaction against and/or inspired by EVERYTHING that’s come before. It may not be as “important” as other conversations like science, but it’s fun!!

I never set new years resolutions, so my next decade resolution today, the last day of my 20’s is to read all those Great Books Of the Western World by the time I’m 40. That, and no babies!

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