I’m 30!

Today is my birthday! We had a really fun party at our house last night. I didn’t have a negative thought for the entire party, it was all fun and happy times. I only took about 20 pictures, because it’s my birthday and I just wanted to be drunk and talk to people.

I like these pictures I’m posting, but it’s like it only shows 5 out of 100 moments I had last night. I was so drunk and everyone was being so nice to me the whole time. When Adrienne and I were at breakfast this morning we had to just sit and be quiet for awhile remembering everything that had happened and the people we talked to. Everyone who came helped make it my best birthday ever!

I want to make a shirt out of Alex’s 2 faces here. 1 is happy the other one is…terrified? Somebody put this girl on tv! I like Pippa’s feather necklace.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me at midnight. I didn’t eat the whole donut because I’d already been eating cupcakes.

Here are some of the great gifts people gave me! I forgot to put the cheese doodle pin in there. Everyone who brought me something knows what I like!

We saw a zombie convention in the park on our way to breakfast this afternoon.

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