Blue Rodeo, Maroon 5, Sexy Ladies and Getting Towed.

Since I was sick in bed, home from work Tuesday and Wednesday last week, I watched a lot of movies and took it easy on Thursday night too.

I watched a bunch of Mad Men Season 2, To Die For, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead, It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas, They Live, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Presents: Mitchell, and the new Blue Rodeo cd dvd that comes out tomorrow.

I think I am the only 30 year old born in Canada who’s suddenly getting into Blue Rodeo for the first time this year, but how can I not get into this? The whole thing was shot around Greg Keelor’s farm, that Adrienne, Nick and I went to for his birthday over labour day weekend. It’s mostly interview footage with Jim Cuddy and Greg talking about the history of the band, and their personal lives over the years, combined with footage of the band playing in Greg’s house and studio, intercut with footage of Greg, Jim and Kate Boothman being drunk and silly around the pool.

The accompanying cd is an acoustic greatest hits collection they re-recorded, so on the rare chance there is anyone else out there like me just becoming aware of their stuff it’s actually a good place to start.

Friday night I’d planned to take it easy but ended up taking a bunch of codeine towards the end of the day at work, then went to the Victory Cafe to meet a bunch of friends, stayed for 6 pints, then went to Loving In The Name Of and the party ended up back at my place. Nick and I spent Saturday charging the battery on Brayden’s van and buying a used clothes dryer, our first major appliance purchase together.

I went with Adrienne to the L’Oreal Fashion Week Finale party sponsored by LG. I believe the event title was Fashion Fusion, featuring Maroon 5, with a lingerie runway show by Agent Provocateur.

All my friends laughed at me for going to see Maroon 5, but they’d probably have gone if they got on the list. Even though I only knew about 5 people there, it’s hard to not have fun when they’re serving booze and food and there’s so many hot girls around. I’ve already got my girl to go home with so it’s not like I had to worry if anyone will talk to me.

We got a ride to the afterparty at the Spoke after with Adrienne’s boss in his Jaguar.

I wanted to take it easy, but it was impossible. This chick was going crazy on the dancefloor when the band played. It’s like it was the best night of her life! I don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to blow it and not get invited back to more of these things. I loved it! 5 stars!

Sunday morning Adrienne and I had breakfast at Sneaky Dees and then went to Canzine at the Gladstone in the afternoon. It was packed on both the ground level and second floor, but a pretty happy atmosphere. There was a variety of stuff going on like shitty bands doing sing-alongs, zine readings, an indie video game room, and a lot of quality material on the whole.

I spent about $40 and got about 12 zines. I read 3 of them last night and was very satisfied with my purchases. The organizers, Broken Pencil Magazine must be pretty stoked since it seemed like an all around success. There must’ve been at least 1000 people through that day including vendors.

I tried to go to Canada’s Wonderland last night with Nick, Jon, Melissa and Steve. We borrowed Brayden and Dustin’s van, but it died on the 401. We had to get it towed all the way back to our house because the battery was completely dead. The hazards wouldn’t even come on. The front passenger side tire got a flat from the tow. The driver took off once he’d unhooked us and we were stuck trying to do a 15-point turn with a flat tire into my driveway. What a bummer. Here’s my Canada’s Wonderland video from last year so you can see how much fun we would’ve had.

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