Fucked Up Halloween

I dressed up as Animal from the Muppets for Halloween on Friday and Saturday and went to the Fucked Up Weekend Halloween at Sneaky Dee’s with Adrienne.

Nick was the NFB logger guy, Nathan was the Iron Chef and Brayden and Dustin were ICP.

Quest For Fire, Jack Of Heart (from France), Demon’s Claws, Sex/Vid, and Fucked Up played. It was a really fun show.

I was in the costume contest and got second place, which means I won nothing.

I know, I’m being a sore loser but I think I should’ve won! The prize was a test pressing of the new Fucked Up record, which I love. I would’ve added it to my massive collection and kept it until death like everything else I own. The Oh RLY Owl who beat me GAVE AWAY THE PRIZE!!!! GAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Teenanger played the aftershow at Rancho Relaxo and dressed as the Blue Man Group.

Everyone wanted a party to go to after so I had people come to my place.

Demons Claws played a show in my basement to an audience of 7 people at 5am. I went to bed at 5:30 and everyone was gone when I got up at noon the next day. I shot the footage for the new songs from a room video in our basement and then Adrienne and I went for brunch at Musa with Ian Clary. It was good to catch up.

Adrienne and I went to Fashion Cares on Saturday night and we saw Katy Perry, Krisha Turner and Shirley Bassey. I was only stoked about Shirley Bassey. We went to Big Primpin for a little bit after and then went home. The end.

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