Blue Steel

My weekend started out with a hi-speed bang and slowly slowed down to a halt by Sunday. Friday after work, Adrienne and I went to the opening of a City Renewal Project at Show and Tell Gallery the former location of Mercer Union. It’s up for a couple of weeks and is a really impressive installation.

From there we went to Justin Rutledge’s house for some intimate acoustic sets by himself, Julie Fader, Greg Keelor and Brian Borchardt.

I swear you could hear a pin drop during each of their sets.

Afterwards it turned into a dance party with dj’s Graham Walsh and Tara White who played a pretty much flawless set that kept the dance vibes going the entire night.

Adrienne and I stayed around until 4am but I heard it kept going past 6am. For the past 6 months or so I keep having these nights where I walk away saying BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!

I slept my Saturday away until 5pm and then got up and went over to Adrienne’s to watch a documentary about Leonard Cohen and then to the Red Bull offices to see a lecture by the husband and wife team who run the Wooster Collective whose names I can’t remember now.

I’ve got a lot of obsessions and street art isn’t one of them, but I found their talk engaging and enlightening. They had me up until the question and answer period when they started talking about the Banksy Effect, inflated pricing, and how emerging artists need to be careful about getting big money too quick by speculating investors and then not being able to make that much money the next year. I agree about being careful but strongly disagree with the impression I understood they were recommending, which is to always take the route of slow growth.

I think slow growth is what most artists and careerists should plan to work at because it’s reality, but should one happen to luck upon a load of cash you may never get again, there are other strategic options to consider rather than thinking slow growth is the only path to a lasting career. The problem with making too much money too quick is the artist thinks that their genius has finally been recognized and start spending like they’ll make $1 million every 2 months and start treating everyone around them like shit and then their career tanks because nobody can stand being around them, as evidenced in Overnight, a documentary about the making of Boondock Saints.

I could be over reacting (and in essence probably agree with what they were saying) but I shouldn’t be surprised with the way it came out because they do link to Adbusters on their site which I’ve always had a PASSIONATE HATRED against, and I wanted a chance to rant. I’m just going to forget that 5 minute part of their 2.5 hour talk and say I had a great time and I walked away knowing more than I did walking in. I’d recommend going to see them speak if you ever get the chance.

I went back to Adrienne’s after to watch Waterworld and then I went to Nathan’s for a bit. Nathan has a lot of Gold and Platinum records on his wall.

I only left the house on Sunday to get food. I sat on the couch all day watching Cocaine Cowboys 1 and 2, and a documentary about Annie Leibovitz.

Today I’ve been listening to the new Indie Music Filter Sampler that Chris Budd at Bearsuit Publishing puts together. It’s worth checking out his blog which is dedicated to new music, especially if you haven’t seen it before. The sampler features the High Dials who I’m going to check out at the Horseshoe Tavern tomorrow night.

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