Telephone Explosion 1 Year Anniversary

I just got the flier for the Telephone Explosion 1 Year Anniversary party on Dec 3rd! Dennis Chow designed and illustrated the poster.

The Bang Bangs, the band I joined just last week is opening. We’re only playing 3 or 4 songs but each one is a good song, and our singer Sian Llewelyn is amazing.

This will be my first time playing a show with a band since playing keyboards for Songs From A Room for 1 show in London ON in 2003. I think the last show I played before that was drums for Moral Outrage in 1999. Oh, and I played drums for the Walkerville Baptist Church worship team in 2001 and 2002.

I mostly played a bunch of shows between 1995 to 1999. I’ve been busy with other shit for the past 9 years!

Teenanger and Holy Cobras are representing Telephone Explosion and Human Eye are driving up from Detroit to headline.

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