Last night, she said: “Oh, baby, I feel so down…”

Adrienne and I went to the Spoke after work last night for a Ketel One vodka tasting. I got a call last month from a marketing agency saying they were reaching out to bloggers to come out and try Ketel One.

It was an enjoyable experience, and I liked that they didn’t try and make it too zany or “cool”. Beth-Anne, the girl doing the presentation was easy to listen to, she briefly went over the 300 year history of the company, the distilling process that makes it different from other vodkas and we did a room temperature smell and taste comparison. She pointed out that vodka doesn’t taste or smell like much when it’s frozen but at room temperature the Ketel One did go down smoother. It’s price point is halfway between Absolute (cheaper) and Grey Goose (more expensive).

They gave us gift bags with a free bottle of Ketel One, a martini shaker and cab fare on the way out. I can’t complain about any of it. I like being marketed to. I think my girlfriend is pretty hot.

We went to the Taylor Mitsopulos Klein Oballa offices after for their annual art change-over party. It was Terra Noble’s birthday and Graham Walsh was djing again. He always plays great tunes.

We stopped by a recording studio in the same building after for a bit.

We went to Sweaty Betty’s after for a drink and then I went home with Adrienne.

I did another post for yesterday. It’s a conversation with Nick about the new Bill Maher film, Religulous.

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