I went to the VideoFACT Christmas party last night at the Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant. It was short, sweet and a good time but oh man I haven’t seen so many haircuts in one room in awhile.

Adrienne told me she had a surprise for me earlier in the night. She put a blindfold on me while we were in Ronnies and when she took it off Beckles was there! He’s in town pitching a show with Gavin McInnes and Kenny from Kenny vs Spenny. He showed Adrienne, Alex and I the pilot for another show he’s been working on for Adult Swim and it’s awesommmmmmme. I hope it gets picked up.

I bought this comic-zine at the bar last night for $4. I haven’t read it yet.

Believe it or not I laid out the entire Dreamachzine on Wednesday night. It’s 106 pages long, I’m just waiting on the final few illustrations to come in and I’ll be printing it next Sunday, Dec 21st. It’s been a long time coming, I feel very accomplished.

Here’s a video of Beckles singing Rough Trade’s “Crimes Of Passion” from when he was in Toronto in Sept.

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