4 Year Anniversary

Today is the 4 year anniversary of me being job interviewed by my current employer. I’d been back in Windsor for 2 weeks from doing Theatre Production for Princess Cruises in the Caribbean, and was planning on going back in early January 2005.

Dragan Sasic told me he saw a job posting on viceland.com, so I got in touch with VICE’s General Manager at the time, Saul Metnick, and he told me to come up to Toronto for an interview. I had an interview with Shawn Phelan and Erik Lavoie in the afternoon on Dec 16th 2004. By coincidence, Erik and I both ended up at the Chelsea Room that night where Pablo Mozo was djing.

I talked Erik’s ear off all night telling him my life story in excruciating detail (like this journal, but drunk and without pictures) and why I’d be so great for the job, begging him to hire me so I wouldn’t have to fly back down to cruise ships. His friends ditched him at some point and he was visiting from NYC, so I let him sleep on Nick’s couch (at 159 Manning) that night. He told me the next afternoon that I had the job.

The first year was shitty but I’m glad I stuck it out, it’s been worth it.

I wonder what I’ll be doing 4 years from now?

3 Responses to “4 Year Anniversary”

  1. The Last Breakfast « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] Bellwoods Cafe at 8am this morning, the same place Nick and I went for breakfast the morning after the job interview that brought me to Toronto. I think it was a fitting send-off between us. In honor of today, I present to you, our Grade 11 […]

  2. jen vegas Says:

    TIM!!! You’re at Vice still right? Maaaaaaaan, I have missed your blog. I’ve just subscribed to it from my google reader. Hope life is treating you well.

    Love from Jen Vegas lost in the bottom of the world 🙂

  3. A Brief History of New Years Eve @ 159 Manning « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] room that night, all his friends abandoned him by the time we’d finished drinking so he crashed on a couch at 159 Manning, where my friend from high-school Nick Bechard had recently started living. I got the job! I spent […]

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