2008 – Year in Review

2008 was a crazy, busy year for me. I became closer with a lot of new friends, and exciting things seemed to happen almost everyday. To cover them all I’d have to just repost my entire journal, so here’s a SHORT selection of my favorite moments and accomplishments of the year.

I went to Vegas with the boys for Brayden’s Bachelor party in February, and made the True Love Waits crystal head.

Brayden and Jaime got married at the end of February. I was the wedding photographer.

I shot the Jay Reatard punch video in April. It went up the next morning and got posted on lot of other sites and has gotten over 100,000 hits since then.

I became boyfriend/girlfriend with Adrienne around the end of April.

Nick turned 30 in May, I turned 30 in October, and I redecorated the house.

I put together the Songs From A Room zine, that had submissions from the band, Adrienne, Alex Hughes, Katherine Borel, Curtis Moore and S. Pajot.

I started on the Dreamachzine which I’ve been saying will be done in 2 weeks for 4 months now. In my defense I’d originally planned to do 20 pages with 3 illustrations, but now it’s 120 pages with 55 illustrations.

I went to Newfoundland with Adrienne in June.

Vanityfarm.com and Nationalhoax.com launched.

I did an art show with Jeff from Demons Claws at *Hotshot in October. He showed paintings and I showed my permanent record profile collection and made a book for it.

I went to Montreal with Adrienne for Pop Montreal. I shot a video for it and it got featured on the Youtube Canada homepage.

I had my best Halloween costume ever as Animal from the Muppets.

I made a video for Songs From A Room – the Black That We Clad in early November, and it’s gotten over 8000 views between youtube and myspace since then.

I joined the Bang-Bangs in November and we played our first show 3 weeks later, at the Telephone Explosion 1 year anniversary at Sneaky Dees in the beginning of Dec.

I contributed to a few issues of G.Love Magazine in Winnipeg, and the WA, got some pictures in VICE, started blogging for Aux.tv, visited the Church of Santo Daime in Toronto for the first time, and started running 3 times a week a few months ago.

I like that I get to be Tim McCready. I don’t have a plan yet, but I’m ready for 2009!

5 Responses to “2008 – Year in Review”

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  4. evarga Says:

    hey where is the church of the santo daime in toronto? I’m looking for it.. thanks..

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