I am so sore today. I played dodgeball on Saturday at the 3rd Annual Budd Cup for Chris Budd of Indie Music Filter’s birthday. All the teams dressed up in themed costumes. Ours was called Send In The Clowns.

It was my 3rd year playing but the first I’ve played on the winning team! There were about 100 people who played across the 8 teams, so it was not an easy win. It was a lot of fun, the taste of victory is worth the soreness in every muscle of my body since yesterday morning.

Adrienne and I went to the Monster Jam at Rogers Center yesterday afternoon, with a big group organzied by astra_cyanide. I’d never been to a moster truck rally before and I was not disappointed. I think I want to drive in a demolition derby sometime. We went to Philthy McNasty’s after and drank beer from gallon jugs that are bigger than Brandy’s head.

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