Take Your Blog To Work Day

Even though I’m always posting things on here and youtube and where ever else, my real day job mainly involves print production (as opposed to web/online production).

Here’s a couple of basic things that you may or may not already know.

Page count: magazines are generally printed in “signatures” of 8 or 16 pages. Above is an example of a 16 page signature. This copy has been split in the middle where it was perforated, but it is one sheet. That’s 8 panels on one side, and 8 panels on the other side. These fold up together to make 16 pages.

Below is an example of the signature before it’s been trimmed down, on top of a trimmed and bound magazine.

There’s 3 size dimensions to consider when constructing an ad; trim, bleed, and live area which is also sometimes referred to as the text and logo safety area.

The trim is the final size of the magazine once it’s bound.

The bleed is for the background picture or color and is 1/8″ bigger than the trim on all 4 sides. It’s larger than the trim size to ensure the picture goes all the way to the edge of the page, even if something is slightly off during the trimming and binding process.

The live area, or text and logo safety area is 1/4″ in from the trim specs on all 4 sides. All logos, text, and pictures that aren’t full bleed should be inside this area. This ensures nothing important gets lost in the spine, or gets trimmed off.

Here’s some pics from my field trip to one of our printers in Winnipeg from June 2007. They do great work.

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