Bill Hicks on Letterman

I finally got a copy of Daft Punk’s – Electroma in the mail yesterday. It’s an amazing movie and I haven’t seen it since we were doing screenings a couple of summers ago. I can’t wait to watch it again.

Bill Hicks mom Mary is appearing on David Letterman tonight. I watched this dvd for the first time a couple of months ago. Some of the material is great, and some hasn’t aged well, but that’s what happens when you’re a trailblazer. Dennis Leary has been accused of ripping off Bill Hicks’ persona and stealing huge chunks of his material. Hicks himself was one of the people who felt that way.

Bill Hicks appeared on Letterman in Oct 2003 for the 12th time, 5 months before he died of cancer. His entire routine was cut from the show, which is the first time that had ever happened to a comedian on Letterman, and Hicks was really pissed about it. On the dvd I have Letterman says he regrets that things were never settled between him and Bill before he died. The routine, or at least parts of it are planned to air for the first time tonight. I’ve got a date with the Church of Santo Daime at 5:30, but I hope I’m home by 11:30 to watch it.

Here’s his Positive Drug Experience routine.

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