Xeno’s Inferno – Toronto Premier this Saturday!!! 1 show only!!

I just did an interview with Xeno’s Inferno writer and co-director Christian Aldo for the viceland Canada blog. I haven’t written anything based around an interview in at least 5 years so here goes:

Xeno’s Inferno is a Fellini-esque sexploitation movie (it’s NOT a porno) written and directed by Christian Aldo and his brother Marshall Sfalcin in Windsor ON. It tells the story of Xeno, a successful young businessman who becomes obsessed with owning a painting by a mysterious artist named Mastro. The painting has already been sold but Mastro invites Xeno to a party at his house. The place is filled with beautiful women and drugs, but it isn’t long before Xeno realizes Mastro is actually the Devil! It features dozens of extras, elaborate sets and costumes and culminates in an orgy scene in lava.

Never screened outside of Windsor or released on dvd, the film is making its Toronto premier this Saturday, February 21st at the Trash Palace! Advance tickets are $5, available at Eyesore Cinema at 801 Queen Street West above Rotate This! The directors will be doing a Q&A after the screening.

VICE: How did Xeno’s Inferno come about?

Christian: It was my first script and my first movie I’d ever made. I was naïve and didn’t hold back any ideas I had. We shot everything in 1999-2000, but it took us the next 3 and a half years to edit and add a soundtrack before we could screen it.

VICE: Your movie is pretty over the top for a no-budget picture. How did you finance the film?

Christian: I was stripping at the time, so whatever money we needed for filming that week, I’d just strip as much as I needed to. I called in a lot of favors from friends, and we paid cash for everything as filmed.

VICE: So it was all strippers in the orgy scene?

Christian: No, out of 60 people there were only 2 strippers involved including myself. Everyone else was a normal person who wanted to be in a movie. We filmed it in my tiny living room, decorated with drapes, candles and anything else that looked like it’d be in Caligula. The lights were dimmed and I placed everyone around the room and told them what to do, to pet each others legs or tell certain people to kiss. I only had 2 bottles of wine but it didn’t take long for people to do what they wanted to do, and we just set the cameras rolling.

VICE: Have you made any other movies since you finished Xeno?

Christian: I’m a full time sculptor and painter now, and my brother and I have a cable access show called 10 Dollar Tales that airs on Cable 11 in Windsor and Chatham and is posted on youtube. We made another full length called the Will Of Frankenstein and were the subjects of a documentary called The Rise And Fall Of The Grumpy Burger that premiered at Toronto International Film Fest in 2007.

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