Record Collection IV

The show on Friday was great. I know I always say this but I feel very fortunate to have joined a good band who’s music I like; that I like and respect all 4 other members and feel they each bring a lot to the experience both personally and musically; that we started playing shows within a couple of weeks after I joined; and that we’ve played with great bands every time.

Sian and Ted started the Bang Bangs over 3 years ago have gone through so many line up changes since then. I’m happy that I’ve been allowed to participate in such a fun, productive and rewarding era of the bands existence.

Chris Cheeseman’s other band DCT put out a 12″ record a few weeks ago! I spent all afternoon yesterday listening to the DCT, Red Mass and Brutal Knights records.

Christian Aldo took a bus from Windsor to Toronto through a snowstorm yesterday. Adrienne and I picked him up at the bus station at 8:20, just in time for the screening of his movie Xeno’s Inferno at the Trash Palace. We packed the place out with 50 people and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Karin (far right) brought 10 of her friends to the screening! Awesome! Then she got drunk and burnt her hand on a hot stove element at Sabrina’s birthday party. We all had fun anyways. Thanks for coming everyone!

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