Banned From Television!!

the Secret Band and Demons Claws are playing their next 3 shows starting in Ottawa tonight, Montreal tomorrow and a record release show on Saturday here in Toronto at Sneaky Dees! I’m pretty excited for Saturday!

Here’s the cover of the new record. I guarantee all 500 copies are going to be sold out by this Sunday. The other pic is Jon and Jeff on the patio of Ronnie’s after we set up the Demons Blog show at *Hotshot.

Jeff played keys for Red Mass at the Silver Dollar show last Saturday.

And now, for the first time ever, I present the controversial banned video of Demons Claws playing in the basement of 159 Manning in Songs From A Room’s practice space at 5:30am after their Fucked Up weekend show on Halloween. Screams were stifled, fists were clenched, angry blog comments were made. Remember, you saw it here first!

SFAR were pretty bummed the next day that we used their gear without asking. Those guys are very particular about their gear and based on this Practice Space interview that Jon did with Demons Claws on VBS, I can see why they were worried. I tried to make it up to them the next day by making a video for them (in the same practice space, no less!). 4086 views on youtube and 4283 views on myspace video to date!

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