Spiderman – Skating On Thin Ice

I picked up this copy of Spiderman – Skating On Thin Ice, an anti-drug and alcohol comic book from 1990 sponsored by Health and Welfare Canada, last week at the Salvation Army. It has many things I love including moral panic, Canadian culture, cheap branded promotional items, and a cover drawn by Todd Macfarlane while he was still at Marvel Comics.

I was a big fan of Todd Macfarlane’s Spiderman drawings when I was in the 6th grade and based my signature on my drawings on his signature. Back then my dream was to grow to up to be a comic book artist at Marvel and live in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan.

I was never a Spawn fan. By the time Macfarlane left Marvel to launch Image Comics and Spawn I was more interested in spending my money on music.

I wish the Economist would sponsor a pro-drug comic book. I would probably buy an ad in it.

In other news, the Bang Bangs are featured on myspace music Canada this week. We really should get some music up on our myspace. MSTRKRFT’s white-out eyes reminds me a bit of Adrienne’s Vanity Farm ad from last summer.

Melissa’s sister is the singer in Hey Ocean. Inward Eye are from Winnipeg and are playing with Songs From A Room at Tattoo Rock Parlour on March 11th.

Speaking of Melissa, her band got a write up in Eye Weekly’s current issue in anticipation of their Canadian Music Week show next Friday at the Gladstone. Good story, even though they mixed up what instruments everyone plays.

Little known fact: Chris and Wayne Gretzky are first cousins!

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