More Slides

I had my assistant Kristin scanning slides for me today.

Here’s my dad in his office at Temple Baptist Church in Sarnia ON, circa 1978.

I’m looking pretty scared of that frog my dad is holding. This was from 1984 at the cottage we used to rent for 3 weeks every summer up in Port Loring at a Christian resort called Woodland. I’m wearing a Zehr’s Grocery store hat. I used to collect hats back then.

Me with one of the ponies at Woodland.

Christmas morning 1986. I’m wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas that my mom made for me. She used to make a lot of my clothes back then. She made all 3 of the shirts I’m wearing in these pictures above. Looking at the expression on my face, makes me try and remember not having a care in the world, but I think I always felt I did.

Bible quizzing. The red thing on the table is the quizzing board. The stance of the girl in green is perfect. My sister Kathleen is wearing yellow.

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